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"With Advocode, every member of our OPS team is capable of handling around 1,300 active airline claims."

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Jakub Havej


CEO, ClaimAir

Case management

We keep it simple, yet powerful.

We've transformed case management platform into something you want to use, not something you're forced to deal with.


What should I work on today?

See which cases need your action. The rest can wait and will remind itself when it becomes due.



Where to keep internal templates?

Create reusable text snippets with smart tags and generate documents or messages instantly. Unify internal communication with ease.



How to communicate as a team?

Handle any kind of messaging from a shared team inbox. Never worry about lost communications.



Can I handle a remote team?

Keep your team's work together in one shared space, safely stored in a cloud. Work asynchronously.



Enrich your experience.

One size doesn't fit all which is why we provide you with additional modules that can enhance your experience and workflows.

Custom email domain

We equip you with our own @advocode.com email domain but can make it work with your own too.


Collect legally binding e-signatures in a few clicks and serve clients all over the world.

Flight data

If airline claims are your cup of tea, actual flight disruption data may come in handy.

Work faster, not harder.

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